About Us

Aether House

Aether House is a small Indie Game Development Studio and is actively working on its first title ‘Aetherfract Online’. The Studio is an international start-up and Aether House Developers work through remote connection, frequent communication and a revenue share model. In the near future Aether House shall gladly open its doors for like-minded game developers, be it by signing a legally binding contract and a non-disclosure agreement. Currently, there are no open applications but feel free to introduce yourself and contact us via support@aetherfract.com

Aetherfract Online differentiates itself from the competition by going back to a previous game model that we know was fun, instead of trying to be innovative. There is nothing wrong with being innovative but we aim to get in touch with the good old nostalgic memories we have from some of the good, older tank and spank classics that worked well. Spicing up the graphical scenery and having better technology and software, we think it would make a nice mixture.

All assets, (concept) art and design are a creation of Aether House. Network related programming is provided by the Atavism Game Engine we use, together with Unity.

Thanks to the platform we are using we can leave a big chunk of the development out of the scope (for now) and focus on the design and content creation of the game, the fun part for a game designer. Although it still remains a large task to plan and coordinate this project, luckily there is JIRA, an advanced planning software that helps us keep track of the organization. In fact it is such a large assignment that I haven’t been able to come up with a prototype release date, nor talent or budget related schemes for this week. So internally the prototyping still has a Red Label on it, which is fine as this is a High-Pitch Concept Document and will be worked out further on the road, keep an eye out.